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Reeling in the Years

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Reeling in the Years


Post by BrianD3 »

The RTE summer exodus is well underway which means half hour news at 6 pm followed by RITR. 2010 last night. Earlier years have been repeated multiple times at this stage and I usually watch them. The more I watch them the more I associate segments with the accompanying music which makes the segment harder hitting and the music more powerful.

One of the most memorable parts is from 1974
Oil spill at Whiddy Island
Invasion of Cyprus
Dublin and Monaghan bombings
Song: The Air That I Breathe (The Hollies)

I was also thinking about 1982.
Falklands War
Song: Theme from Harry's Game (Clannad)

Oh yeah, it is almost 40 years to the day since the GUBU murders. I think the song used for this in the programme was Private Investigations by Dire Straits.
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Re: Reeling in the Years


Post by Ncdjd2 »

I used to like watching it but what puts me off it is the Steely Dan intro tune. Its an ear worm to me. There's another of similar vain on Virgin Media, but not as good as the one on RTE. You'd think they would add some new material to it, RTE must be jammed with archive footage down the years.
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Re: Reeling in the Years


Post by Frank »

Those people fawning over Britains queen in tonight’s one was particularly nauseating.
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