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Future Oil Exploration

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Future Oil Exploration


Post by Del.Monte »

Another massive elephant in the room when it comes to stopping further oil exploration is the mind bending range of items that depend on petroleum for their production. Assuming that we achieve a massive reduction in the use of oil for transportation, electricity production and home heating there will still be a huge demand for oil for everything from asphalt (to build/maintain roads for the magic EVs) through to medical products, plastic, cosmetics etc. ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petroleum_product

Of course burning oil as fuel is an extremely wasteful use of a finite resource in much the same way as burning peat in power stations was but it will remain as a vital part of the World economy for a very long time i.e. further exploration and development of oil will be necessary. I have yet to a hear a Green or any other politician raise this issue. The virtual shutdown of Bord na Mona overnight shows this lack of forward thinking and the horticultural industry left having to import peat moss from abroad....Thoughts?
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Re: Future Oil Exploration


Post by Hairy-Joe »

Look would you stop thinking logically! All you need to know is oil is BAD!

Oh we will need oil for a LONG time as it's a fairly fundamental building block for most things. It's a wonderful mixture of chemicals that has components that are used for everything from roads, to clothes and medicines. But we have seen the logic ability of our Green party in stopping peat production here, meaning we are now importing peat (at a greater environmental cost due to transportation).......

You can't get away from the fundamental fact that carbon molecules are fundamental to our lives and oil, gas and coal are basically massive stores of the carbon we need.
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