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Out and about in nature
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Post by Del.Monte »

I signed up with this crowd a couple of years back: https://butterfly-conservation.org/ but I rarely get time to read their regular newsletters. However, this morning a piece on what to do when you find a butterfly that has woken up early inside your house caught my eye: https://butterfly-conservation.org/news ... 22484289b0
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Re: Butterflies


Post by Mirabeau »

Thanks for posting that.
I had a few in the house probably due to the mild winter.
I was putting them out in the garage in quiet spot.
So that seems to be the correct thing to do.
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Re: Butterflies


Post by KHD »

Another good site to subscribe to is the https://biodiversityireland.ie/

Get some interesting info when they bother sending out updates
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Re: Butterflies


Post by CelticRambler »

you might be able to gently encourage the sleepy butterfly out onto the wall or ceiling of an unheated room or building such as a shed, porch, garage or outhouse.
Okay, so what do you do if the not-so-sleepy butterfly is already in an unheated shed? I was doing some tidying up yesterday in my "well ventilated" workshop-of-sorts and there was much fluttering going on ...

Also had the painful experience of being stung on the arm by a dozy wasp while I was (not?) sleeping last night. No idea where he came from, unless he'd got tangled up in the jumper I was wearing while clearing the same shed and finally untangled himself in the middle of the night.

It's too damn hot. When is winter this year?
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