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RTE's Drivetime

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RTE's Drivetime


Post by Del.Monte »

Can't believe I haven't started a thread on this show previously as Sarah McInerney is definitely one of my favourite presenters. That said, I really can't believe the way the show is following Newstalk down the tabloid route with one of today's prime topics - people getting upset by being asked "where are you from?"

I'm living in Ireland on and off for 56 years or so and I still get asked that question - anyone offended by the question should grow a thicker skin or fxxk off back to where they are from. Anyway, given the state that the country is in is this real newsworthy?
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Re: RTE's Drivetime


Post by Hairy-Joe »

Oh ya, that program is gone to the dogs. Before it was news, analysis and probing questions for politicians. Now it's "Mary from Ballina texted in to say". One thing I really notice is they allow politicians from certain parties to waffle on and never challenge them on some clearly outlandish statements.

A lot of the time now I just turn it off.
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Re: RTE's Drivetime


Post by gugleguy »

The "fluid" continuity music on Drivetime also does my head in.
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