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SisterS new drama on RTE

Da telly
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SisterS new drama on RTE


Post by Del.Monte »

Tried the first episode of this tonight - don't think I'll inflict any further misery on myself. Two unattractive lead characters - in appearance and personality - make for tedious viewing 1/10 and only because it was shot in Ireland.

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Jack The Stripper
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Re: SisterS new drama on RTE


Post by Jack The Stripper »

Is there much pawing in it?
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Re: SisterS new drama on RTE


Post by Cyclepath »

Yep, it's formulaic stuff with the usual Oirish drama tropes, bit of casual alcoholism, penniless artist boyfriend, downtrodden woman who keeps taking her abusive partner back etc etc etc. The missus wanted to watch it but I think it's even too much for her to bear.
Dec A Wash
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Re: SisterS new drama on RTE


Post by Dec A Wash »

I have it enjoyed it so far. I have been following it each week.
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