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General DIY bargains, deals etc

Grab a bargain
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General DIY bargains, deals etc


Post by quodec »

This thread might suit those who are looking for good value on purchase of DIY items about their house/garden.

I am trying to solve the problem of starlings/swallows nesting between the gutters and fascia of my house. Decided to experiment with lengths of 'gutterbrush' - like those wire brushes for cleaning glass bottles, only bigger. They are promoted as keeping gutters free from roof fall-off etc, but I'm going to experiment with them to see will they act as barriers against birds entering the cavities behind the gutter!
Anyway, went pricing. Woodies are selling them for €20.49 per 4 metre length, but had a look around and got the exact same make/model in DPL Group (Dublin Providers Ltd) here in Dundalk for............€14.00, a saving of 30% or thereabouts!

So, lets hear your recent current bargain finds....especially in these days of rapid inflation.
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Re: General DIY bargains, deals etc


Post by Agent_47 »

I would have thought gutter mesh, black plastic 6 inch roll, cable tied to gutter would work best. Brushes in the gutter will clog up and impede water through it.

I find birds go for the corners of the roof where there are gaps in the ridge tiles, seal that with expanding foam and job done
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