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Post your Gardening photos

How does your garden grow?
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The Continental Op
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Re: Post your Gardening photos


Post by The Continental Op »

Have about 60 Colchicum autumnale flower buds showing at the moment with hopefully a lot more to come. Each bulb produces more than one flower. Naked ladies is the "common" name.
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Re: Post your Gardening photos


Post by Ncdjd2 »

Pumpkins. Into the polytunnel to change colour and season. Substantially less than what I had this time last year. :mrgreen:
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Re: Post your Gardening photos


Post by CelticRambler »

Ncdjd2 wrote: Tue Aug 10, 2021 9:02 pm Would be great to see them. The combines will be in soon so :)
Aaaaaand ... a month later, they're in and gone and the field has been ploughed, harrowed and re-seeded. And I missed the whole thing. :(
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