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Re: Hillwalking


Post by KHD »

Lovely photos CR. Bird looks like a Sanderling.
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Re: Hillwalking


Post by CelticRambler »

KHD wrote: Wed Dec 28, 2022 8:32 am Lovely photos CR. Bird looks like a Sanderling.
Thanks. Got the "new" camera at a bargain price - 80€ when they're typically selling for 150-200€ secondhand - and it's in great condition, especially now that I've cleaned the sensor.

As for the bird ID, Google agrees with you! My description would have been "some kind of seagull" ... I don't really do birds. :lol:
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Re: Hillwalking


Post by isha »

Spent four hours this morning out on a hillwalk on high bogland and I can tell yiz, though there may be a few cold days yet, Spring is definitely on its way! 🥳



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