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Are primary school kids catching Covid in schools?

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Are primary school kids catching Covid in schools?


Post by schmittel »

According to the IT: Primary school-aged children now have highest coronavirus incidence of any group

The numbers come from an HSPC report:
“The risk of onward transmission from undetected asymptomatic cases within the school setting remains low”...

...It states that increases in the disease incidence among school-aged children, or the detection of an outbreak in a school, does not of itself indicate that transmission occurred within the school....

“Clusters of cases may be detected within a particular setting despite exposure and transmission having occurred elsewhere,” it adds.
Obviously there are a number of different environments other than a school in which young kids could catch Covid, but does anybody here believe that anywhere other than school is the most likely source of most cases in this age group, and if so what is that source?
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Re: Are primary school kids catching Covid in schools?


Post by PureIsle »

My understanding is
You do not 'catch Covid'. You get infected with the virus and if unlucky go on to develop the Covid "disease".
So let us not confuse the two.
Cases are infection events and not disease events.

A very small percentage of school kids who are exposed to the virus will develop such a serious case of Covid that it requires medical attention. An even smaller percentage will require hospitalisation.

IF my understanding is correct what is the concern?
Is that concern sufficient to warrant injecting healthy kids?

In answer to you question ...... IMO, kids are most likely to be exposed to the virus wherever there are groups of them gathered in indoor settings.
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